Paris Berges de Seine reclaimed

Strolling along the Seine in Paris has never been more fun!  The city in an effort to make the river banks more pedestrian friendly, started a construction initiative know as les Berges de Seine.  My friend Stephanie told me to check it out when was back in Paris this summer…les berges

Restaurants, playgrounds and more line the quai and the unique perspective that was once reserved for cars, now belongs to the public.MIkados

The reclaimed riverbanks offer routes along the water for walking, jogging and biking. The Parisians new playground also boasts restaurants, immaculate gardens, ‘zen’ spaces, and children’s play areas complete with climbing wall.

Several spaces of the new urban project can be reserved and privatized for free. The children’s area has four teepees that can be reserved to celebrate birthdays. Zen cabins (Zzz) sit in a garden inspired by Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky and Seurat. The quiet spaces can be reserved for up to 90 minutes so you can bask in solitude to read, think, or even take a nap.Zz3

TipisI can’t wait to see such a playful initiative in New York!


American Design in Paris

For the first time, Mona Bismarck American Center for Art & Culture in Paris opens its doors from May 19 to 25 to showcase “American Design“, an exhibition overviewing the current American creation.

Both young independent designers (Bec Brittain, Anna Karlin, Fort Standard, Matt Gagnon …) as established companies or promising young ones (Emeco, Knoll, Juniper, Neal Feay, Roll & Hill’s …) will be shown. The initiative has emerged to promote awareness of the major players in contemporary American design.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 6.50.40 PMRegime light by    Bec Brittain

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 6.56.48 PM

Salver by David Weeks

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 7.00.41 PMNew Bird Cage by Felicia Ferrone

In the US,  WantedDesign, an  international exchange program, showcases dynamic contemporary creations in the United States. In France, the Parisian showroom Triode has given visibility to young American designers over the last several years.

For the very first time, young independent designers, new publishing companies as well as other established names will be reunited. One will also be able to see recent works from Fort Standard, Bec Brittain, Lindsey Adelman, Paul Loebach, Jason Miller, David Weeks, François Chambard, Matt Gagnon, Frederick McSwain, Dror Benchetrit, Michael Boyd, among others, as well as established compaines like Bernhardt design, Emeco or younger such as  Juniper, Roll&Hill, Neal Feay, BlankBlank or Council