French Fair Cutlog’s NYC Debut brings a breath of fresh air

I was so exciting to see the French Art Fair Cutlog coming to New York.  I remember my friend Bruno Hadjadj, the co- director , talking about it after four successful years in Paris. Cutlog, devoted to emerging artists, took place during the Frieze Art Fair and occupied a former public school in the lower East side.  I enjoyed the grungy building, the laidback atmosphere, the low-key dealers and the genuine variety…

Exhibitors came from Paris, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Santiago.  You were greeted by a big fuzzy ball by ShoplifterImage.










A site-specific installation by Monika Zarzeczna was hosted by Lesley Heller Workspace, while across the way are Haunted Mansionesque mirror pieces by Daniel Horowitz with L’Inlassable Galerie, where faces are creepily washed out to drip down the walls. Image

Painter Alan Neider simply rented his own booth and filled it with his work. Appreciating Cutlog’s gritty character, he wrote the organizers and asked them about the possibility of showing his work there…


A new comer in the Gallery circuit, was the french Galerie 55 and his very approchable dealer showing the work of Niloufar Banisadr, Sexy Windows


In another room, artist Clara Feder had put up a “Wall of Temptation”: visitors were invited to take a scratch-off lotto ticket, resist the urge, and stick it on a large canvas. Nearby voting booths and markers are provided so that participants can write something on their ticket. Feder, wearing a lab coat, told me, “In a culture where giving into temptation and submitting has become the norm, the project gives you a chance to resist.”


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