Serra’s giant steel mazes

The Richard Serra show, titled “Junction/Cycle” at Gagosian untill November 26, revisits the graceful spirals and ellipses he exhibited 10 years ago.  The two giant sculptures, so exquisitely responsive to each other, manage to make the gallery feel intimate.

You are essentially walking through some gigantic steel mazes forced to make a choice: “left or right?  One path dead-ends leaving you in an elliptical enclosure; the other leading you along a narrow curving path where you will be presented with more choices.

Once you’re between those plates, you feel a tremendous surge. “Cycle” offers clearings, where you can pause and collect yourself. But the blind curves of “Junction” propel you through and, before you know it, spit you out. The movement feels akin to surfing, or being whooshed through a channel.


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